Michael Gray Prison Release Fund

One of the pen pals from our pen pal project is likely to see parole this coming September. Michael is seeking assistance for buying a van and welding equipment upon release. Please visit http://fnd.us/71Lgr4 to help Michael out! And, if you are seeking a pen pal, consider Michael or check out our pen pal list!

❤ Austin ABC and RAQTPC


Prisoner Requesting Help Selling Homemade Rings

Austin ABC is sharing a request from an incarcerated person in Texas. Miss Carrie is a transwoman who has started her own business behind prison walls designing rings. A photo of a couple of those rings can be viewed below. We wanted to share her message with others in case they are interested in helping her out. Until she is able to find a partner, if you would like to purchase a ring, please contact Austin ABC and we will put you in touch with her. She does not have any financial support and hopes to sell her jewelry so that she can afford things at commissary. Here is her message:

“I’ve been a lover of art all my life, working for awhile as a professional freelance photographer / photo journalist. About 3 years ago while sitting in my room doodling with a pen, I discovered a way to make rings from plastic tubing. I’ve been busy ever since. Business is grand but I need tiny patterns and have no one on the outside to help me. My kids are scattered hither and my parents and my only sibling are resting in the cemetery waiting for me to join them soon. I’m hoping not any time too soon, though. :p (hee! hee! hee!) My artwork is a very unique form of artwork you’ve probably never seen before in or out of prison. I am building a specialty jewelry business: Phantom Black Design Rings. I’m looking for a business partner in the free world, pmisscarriesring.jpgreferably a professional woman or transgender woman. A photo journalist would be grand. The business website would require a person skilled in photography, specifically macro-photography photographing small rings and ring patterns for display on the website. I would like to send a beautiful display box full of my rings for display at art shows and online but they would have to be covered up to prevent theft. I would need a safe way to display this box of rings. I am indigent and it is very depressing on store day. I need to find a partner, pen-pal, friend, business partner to help me get my art work displayed on internet and purchased out individually from the box. Each ring is a work in itself, taking 12-20 hours over several days to complete. I have no professional tools, I work with razor blades, etc. I’ve taken plastic and various forms of print media and constructed a complex form of artwork unique to this century. Never have rings of this sort existed until now.”

Jan 22nd in Austin and Houston

For the second annual International Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners, join Houston and Austin ABC for the following events:


Austin ABC is hosting a benefit show for their work at Shirley’s Temple at 6 pm on Jan 22. With your help they are releasing a zine (vol 2) with art, essays, poetry, and other works entirely comprised by trans prisoners in Texas. All proceeds from this show will be used to cover expenses for shipping and printing the zines, providing financial support to trans prisoners, and other related Austin ABC activity.

Watch a sick show. Read a killer zine. Hang with rad folk.

Sign up to pre-order the zine at the show or purchase a
hot (non alcoholic) beverage to warm you up to further your donation!

5-9 pm *REMEMBER – Shirley’s Temple is a sober space.*
https://www.facebook.com/ events/383873115293426/\


Houston ABC will be throwing a letter writing party from 3-6 pm at Solidarity Houston. Come out for the second annual International Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners and the launch of our new pen pal website! We will be writing notes of support to trans prisoners and distributing the official zines with contributions from trans prisoners all over the world. Also come to learn more about our revamped pen pal collaboration with Austin ABC – the Radical Alliance for Queer and Trans Prisoner Correspondence, to look at the website, and to find a pen pal!!! We hope to see you there.

Parking is behind the space next to the train tracks, and bikes can come into the space. The light rail runs right in front of the space. If you park in the Los Charros lot, be aware they are known to tow. For disabled parking, make sure to park in an unmarked space.
Solidarity Houston is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible bathroom which does not have an accessibility bar. The bathroom is gender neutral. Children are more than welcome, and Solidarity Houston has a children’s corner with books and activities. SH is not currently scent free.

For any other accessiblity needs, email us at houston_abc@riseup.net.

For more information about Solidarity Houston, check out solidarityhouston.org.