Houston Anarchist Black Cross and Austin Anarchist Black Cross are collaborating on this project to focus on solidarity work with incarcerated queer and trans folks.

Queer and trans prisoner solidarity work is vital to us as queers and allies on the outside. We live in a homophobic, transphobic, and transmisogynistic society and one of the many reasons we want to see the end to all prisons is because of the despicable and disproportionate rate that queer and trans people are incarcerated.

Our numbers are small, so there are very real limitations to what we can do for the hundreds of queer prisoners in the Gulf Coast. However, we hope to make meaningful connections with people on the inside by building a family through letters and providing useful and entertaining literature.

Find out more about and get involved with Houston ABC at houstonabc.wordpress.com, instagram @houstonabc, or facebook.com/houabc.

Find out more about and get involved with Austin ABC at facebook.com/AustinAnarchistBlackCross/ or austinanarchistblackcross.wordpress.com/.